August 7th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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I spent Sunday morning in an only partially successful effort to catch up on mail and stuff, then went with vertigo66 to celebrate Lammas in Virginia. It was a very small group this time and I think the two of us and beeej were the only people there who did not meet initially through love of Gerard Butler. *g* But I love the harvest holidays even though they're sadder holidays than Beltane and Midsummer -- fall is my favorite season in every way except the earlier sunsets -- and as always the food was wonderful, peach bread and cheese fondue and punch made with the sweet wine whose name I always forget to write down.

My parents had taken the kids swimming while apaulled got stuff to try to fix our downstairs toilet, so we ended up having dinner at their house. It turns out that one of my father's longtime friends and tennis partners is now dating my mother's very good, recently widowed friend whom I really don't like but whom I felt obligated to invite to the Bar Mitzvah because of her they are both coming. I don't object to the partner, in fact I worked a couple of summers at his law firm in high school, but I feel overwhelmingly like we are throwing a party for more of my parents' friends than our own. And I feel more at home in a pagan circle than I do at my own synagogue...something really has to change before younger son's Bar Mitzvah.

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My only major plans for Monday are to buy younger son new shoes. The kids are home all week next week, meaning I am going to be crazed and unproductive!