August 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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myhappyface made me post that. Okay, she didn't really make me, and my copy of Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 is behind two layers of books so I didn't even pull it out but recreated the above from memory. *hangs head in deep grasping shame* In fact I am not sure whether the penultimate line is "torn apart" or "ripped apart"! vertigo66, can you help? Tomorrow I shall post real poetry. Really. With no Star Trek connection whatsoever, unless the poem has been unfortunate enough to be enunciated aloud by Mr. Shatner in one of his dramatic readings for MTV.

I mostly did chores today with my kids, which is far more relaxing than doing chores with my kids and my mother. Younger son stayed at his sleepover till nearly noon, mostly because the mother was on the phone all morning dealing with a family crisis so I couldn't call and ask when he wanted to be picked up! I finally arbitrarily showed up with a promise to take him to Target so he could get his own lava lamp just like mine -- I had said it was a little blue one, and he declared that it was a little blue penguin lava lamp and then needed his own.

Then older son has been saving his money so he could get the Pirates of the Caribbean Nintendo DS game that younger son got for his birthday, so we went to Best Buy which had it cheaper than Target, and also had Terminator 2 for $3.99! Of course we also bought school supplies and looked at calculators since younger son is likely to need a programmable one next year. And I dragged them into the local New Age shop which is having a big sale and bought a moonstone ring and a pair of Celtic knot earrings, under $10.

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Speaking of politicians, oh, Joe, can't you just concede gracefully and pull out of the race altogether? Or go run in a state with a heinous Republican, where we'd be happy to have a conservative Democrat instead? And also speaking of politicians, the kids wanted to watch T2 but it was so late by the time they finished practicing etc. that they put on Cats & Dogs instead, and now I have Mr. Tinkles' voice in my head from the easter eggs we never noticed before. He does a charming Ahhnold. *g*