August 10th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Am going to keep this short because I mostly had stress on Wednesday. Bought necessities at CVS, took the kids to the bank, opened savings accounts for both of them -- not sure younger son really needs one at this point, as most of the money he gets is allowance or small gifts and he has shown no inclination to want to save what little he has, but maybe (hopefully!) that will change! Then took younger son to violin and older son for last tutoring session with the rabbi...from here on out it's full rehearsals at the temple. This is what older son and I saw while driving out of the Hebrew school parking lot:

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In the evening we all watched "The Enterprise Incident" to be reviewed on episode so great I am terrified of not doing it justice. Oh, and the woman who made the inspirational posters I linked to yesterday has also made Star Trek icons. Other Trek news, read all about it at TrekToday: Nichols will join Takei to pick on Shatner at the Comedy Central roast on Sunday, MooreRon still thinks he is smarter than all the Trek producers put together but also still can't come up with a way to have gay characters in his oh so liberal sci-fi universe on Galactica where I understand abortion is now illegal for the good of the species, and Alexander Siddig is going to play a villain on 24 next season. Does this mean I will have to get sucked back into that show, which pissed me off so enormously at the end of the first season that I could never get into the second season, even though Penny Johnson Jerald was still on the show then and I adore her? Probably!