August 11th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Went with husband, son and mother to the hotel where the Bar Mitzvah reception is being held to discuss things like placement of the bar and hors d'oeuvres, games, etc. Then the menu came up. Can't discuss this in an unlocked entry because relatives read this as well as unknown strangers, but let's just ask whether people can imagine what someone who micromanages shoes is like where the food is concerned? Ask me sometime about the menu for my sister's wedding, the two tastings and the dueling party planners. With all this investment of time and outrageous expense, I cannot believe the degree to which I cannot enjoy anything beyond hearing my son chant in Hebrew, which he does quite well. Things are not going to be like this for my other son.

Otherwise all I did of note was watch Flightplan, because it seemed like a good night for an airplane terrorist flick and two gratuitous Sean Bean movies in a week is always a good thing. I thought it was a pretty crummy movie apart from Sean and Peter Sarsgaard whom I always find creepy even in, say, Kinsey when he's supposed to be likeable. I'm not a big Jodie Foster fan at the best of times, and since everything about her character felt phony to me, everything about her performance did too. ("Look! I'm having a big dramatic acting scene!") In a movie about a missing child, I'd think I should be able to relate to the mother a bit, but I felt much more for Tom Cruise in Minority Report than I did for Foster in Flightplan. It's always wonderful to see Sean in a movie in which he 1) is not a giant evil villain and 2) is not dead prematurely, and he did a nice job being authoritarian without being a bastard, and since the film was nice and short, the action never flagged. I also recorded The Chumscrubber earlier but since I had kids in the house, couldn't watch it -- I can't pass up a movie with Glenn Close, Jason Isaacs and Ralph Fiennes!

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Friday afternoon we are going to my sister's in New York for the weekend. Reports from there, with photos of feeding penguins at Mystic Aquarium on Sunday! Trying not to totally freak out about the news, as we have plans to fly to the UK in the spring...don't know what to think at this point, figure I may as well wait. Hope no one was too horribly inconvenienced by all the airport insanity...I'm very glad we are driving this weekend instead of flying. And hope my mother will feed the cats even though I am The Worst Daughter Ever Except For My Sister.