August 12th, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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Guess what? I'm not in New York! My sister and her younger daughters had Coxsacki virus last week, and guess what -- the older one just came down with it this morning. By the time she called, apaulled was ready to leave work, so he came home early anyway and we went for a walk at Great Falls, where we saw herons and turtles and salamanders and insects and geese. Then we stopped at the food co-op since it's not far down the road to Glen Echo and they have wonderful organic chicken sausages, which we got to have for dinner.

In the evening we watched T2: Judgment Day, which I picked up for under $4 brand new at Best Buy earlier in the week because we all loved the first one when we watched it earlier this summer. For some reason I am able to separate Schwarzenegger onscreen from Schwarzenegger in real life in a way I have never been able to do with Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, etc. and I wonder why that is. And actually, I have the same thing with Ronald Reagan -- I can watch his stupid movies and laugh and laugh. Maybe that's why, because I do a lot of laughing at the characters (it's almost impossible not to in both cases, they're so iconic they come across as self-parodying) whereas with Connery, Gibson, etc. I don't want to feel anything even for fictional characters they play!

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Here is my review of "The Enterprise Incident", which continues to hold up as, if not my very favorite original Trek episode, at least tied with "Amok Time" and maybe "The Empath", which I need to watch again before drawing conclusions because while I remember the good parts of the latter being extraordinarily good, I have a feeling I am blocking out the really bad plot stuff, as I have a tendency to do when I like the characterization and then when I watch the episode I have big "oh wow, that was really badly written!" moments. Anyway, it reminded me of how very much I love Kathleen Dailey's fan novel Unspoken Truth, which I highly recommend to any original series fan.

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I meant to go to bed an hour ago but Crimson Tide is on, and we set up to record it and are still sitting here watching. Viggo Mortensen and Denzel Washington are both terrific in this movie. I'd be useless on a nuclear submarine because I'd be fighting anyone who wanted to launch the missiles no matter what was happening and what orders were given...