August 16th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Had a quiet day. Woke up, discovered there was no milk for breakfast since we forgot to stop at the store last night, took the kids out for brunch at Bagel City. Went to get milk at Trader Joe's across the pike, stopped in the hobby store to get the kids Davy Jones' Curse pirate cards (younger son got a sea monster, and since I had given him mine when I got one at the beach, he gave me this one, so now I have one, yay!) Came home, made older son work on his Bar Mitzvah speech, then let him put on The Two Towers which he had been itching to watch after playing the Nintendo DS game in the car driving home yesterday. My cousins from California called to say that they will not be coming to the Bar Mitzvah because they both have babies and are worried about flying without formula; I don't blame them but I am very bummed. My parents are supposed to go to a wedding in California this weekend and it sounds like they are having second thoughts about flying as well.

In the late afternoon I posted an article about all five captains being voiced by their original actors in Star Trek: Legacy (I wonder how much money they're getting for an afternoon of voice work so Bethesda Softworks can brag that they're the first to unite all five in a single project), then edited an article about the Comedy Central Shatner roast which taped last Sunday and is supposed to air this coming Sunday but it sounds like the best stuff will have to wait for the uncensored DVD because it was so raunchy. I couldn't even post the funniest bits, which involved George Takei and bukkake and Shatner getting his balls licked! I quoted Nichelle Nichols saying that television's first interracial kiss was her first experience with pressing her lips to an asshole and am wondering whether I will get in trouble for that. *g* (She claims that Shatner told her afterward, "Sulu uses more tongue!") Shatner does not appear to be at all worried about whether people will think he slept with George, as he made several marks himself along these lines.

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Watched Sunday night's Brotherhood tonight since we missed it then; Michael wasn't in it quite as much as some other episodes, it was focused more on Declan and on Eileen, but he had scenes with his niece that were fabulous. Of course she'd rather hang with her cool Mafia-connected uncle than her tense, hypocritical parents once she thinks about it! Eileen and Tommy's kids found a stripey yellow tabby kitten that at first I thought they were calling Rosie, which freaked me out because Eileen really didn't like the cat and this became a major storyline; turns out the name was Rusty. (I never knew my own Rosie when she was a kitten, but she was relatively skinny when we adopted her!) Annabeth Gish really saves Eileen for me, because she's very frustrating as a character. I do love her talking back to Rose though. *g*

On Wednesday younger son has an orthodontist appointment and California Tortilla has two-for-one burrito cards, so I suspect I will be taken there!