August 20th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We spent all of Saturday at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire with my husband's parents. It was a very nearly perfect day, though younger son might disagree because he neither won in a raffle nor was allowed to purchase a $100 dragon puppet. (It was romance weekend and apaulled and his father were both given tickets for gifts for their beloveds at the pirate ship armory, meaning that apaulled's mother and I both got sword-shaped letter openers, heh.) I had fish & chips for lunch and a bread bowl with soup for dinner, with an apple dipped in the chocolate fountain and lots of bottled water in between; the kids got smoked turkey legs, in-laws had various meatball and pulled pork sandwiches. I made no major purchases -- a $10 horn-shaped poison necklace and a little book on chivalry with reproductions of lots of paintings I like (the bookstore is in the model church at this faire). There was lots of tempting jewelry but I behaved -- there will be more at the Maryland Renaissance Festival which we probably won't get to for several weeks!

Rather than babble further here, I shall caption some of the photos:

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Sunday we are likely going to a local Civil War reenactment -- I think this one is in downtown Hanover. Being so close to Gettysburg, there are often Civil War reenactments going on around here!