August 31st, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Am tired, grumpy and generally no fun tonight and have decided to blame my period, plus the fact that I have to get up very early tomorrow because apaulled has a very early meeting and then we have a Bar Mitzvah rehearsal in the evening. Tonight we had younger son's Back To School Night, which as usual was not terribly well-managed; there was a PTA meeting between the K-2 and 3-5 teacher meetings, which as usual ran long, then they tried to cram all the 5th grade parents into the media center, which was mobbed and about a hundred degrees just like the all-purpose room where the PTA meeting was. Three of the four 5th grade teachers look like they are about 18 years old. Son likes his teacher and she seems friendly and organized, but he is grumpy about being back in school and apparently told her he refuses to smile all year! His teacher last year was really wonderful with the unconventional types, so hopefully this one will appreciate him for who he is.

Son also had had a violin lesson earlier, so I was already tired from running around. Though I did have a very nice lunch with beeej and ate lots of Indian food! I also received some SGA pimping and am finding that, like The X-Files, this is a show it may be better to get into ass-backward, reading fic before watching episodes!

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And August is over. Seems incredible. Must get some sleep. Hope everyone is out of harm's way when the storms come up the coast! And hey, I have more Vox invites. Anyone need one?