September 6th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Over the weekend we discovered that one of the slipcovers on our sofas had ripped, so since we are expecting company this weekend, I went out to get new ones. Now we have slipcovers that I actually like much better, cream-colored with red roses and some greenery that matches the blinds and border paint in our living room, but they aren't quite as thick material as the old ones and I am frightened of what boys and cats might do to them. At least they were quite inexpensive and much less tacky than the big bright floral ones that I had thought were indestructible. *g* (The larger of which is on the sleep sofa downstairs, which has a great mattress but has had one side ripped by a cat and has cushions that have been trashed by boys jumping all over them and hitting each other with them.)

I also bought pantyhose, and am now wondering whether they are too buff-black and not shiny enough for the dress I'm wearing, and feeling like a total moron for wondering this because worrying about things like this is, like, the opposite of who I am. I can't decide whether to wear the dressier but shorter black dress to services Friday night or on Saturday; my feet don't quite reach the floor of the big chairs on the bimah, so I can't keep my legs crossed comfortably, so I feel like I really need the longer skirt on Saturday when I will be up there sitting for much longer, even though the other dress is not as dressy and is a bit clingier and has longer sleeves so I am more likely to sweat. Oh, I hate this -- I should have ordered something in cotton tie-dye or bought something from Holy Clothing and cut a few feet off the skirt!

Anyway, after the kids did their homework, we watched Crocodile Hunter: Ice Breaker which we had seen while on vacation -- younger son found it upsetting then because there are dead penguins, and it was much more upsetting this time around. After dinner we needed something to cheer us up, so we watched The Road to El Dorado, our collective favorite animated movie (well, I have a great passion for Mulan, but I would never condemn anyone for preferring Elton John's music). It's also the slashiest movie for children I have ever seen. I sort of wish there was a live-action version, because even though Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh were undoubtedly too old to play those roles and Edward James Olmos didn't weigh nearly enough to play the chieftain, it would have been so much fun to see those actors in person in those roles. It's fun enough to see the cartoon Elton John singing "Someday Out of the Blue" in the music video on the DVD.

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Wednesday night both kids' schools have events at the same time in the evening. This after younger son has violin. I expect it to be a long, draining day, and then we head into the last Bar Mitzvah rehearsal and total insanity!