September 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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The place card crisis was solved when Centerpiece Woman agreed to go have them printed and delivered with the centerpieces, the child whose grandfather died may be coming after all, and I am declaring a moratorium on worrying about anything else! Read interesting article while hunting for stuff for speech about son in Reform Judaism magazine, "Oil Junkies: How corruption and greed led America from 'green' electric trolleys to polluting, petroleum-powered automobiles — and what we can do now." And tested lipstick colors -- those little Clinique samples are not easy to apply.

Evening services were nice, if looong...the cantor sang three Israeli Chasidic songs, the sermon was on the first fruits of the harvest (Jewish version of Lammas, heh, though of course politicized for the current moment), I was the only parent who had to read any Hebrew but since it was familiar, I managed it...the kids all did a fine job with their readings, and there was a nice little reception afterward with very good cheese, nuts, fruit and cookies. I saw mamadracula for about ten minutes in between dinner and getting dressed, and saw my sister and her family after services, but otherwise have not seen any of the out of town people yet besides my parents' good friends from New York. perkypaduan is feeling horribly and is probably not going to be able to come, and I am useless at the moment trying to cheer her up, not having a moment to breathe, so I feel terrible!

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Must get up very early to go have family photos taken. We'll see if I still remember how to apply eyeshadow.