September 10th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Happy, full and exhausted! Had a very lovely ceremony (son woke up perfectly calm, breezed through his Torah reading and prayers) and fun party with only minor stress (mislabeled place cards, lack of information about precisely what was expected from whom for candlelighting ceremony). Saw many out-of-town friends, danced with my kids and nieces (gblvr and I got to do our "Y.M.C.A." too -- it cracks me up that all the songs that were new when I was going to Bar Mitzvahs are still Bar Mitzvah songs, like that and "Celebration" which I think is habitually played at all Jewish life cycle events in a post-"Sunrise, Sunset" world).

I still wish going to temple felt like an authentic spiritual experience to me...I feel connected to history, to the Jewish people and to Israel but it's in a very secular and sometimes angry way. I can't bear the Reform Jewish emphasis on the Holocaust at every single happy event, although I understand it from a political standpoint since we live in a world where in so many places Jewish lives count for so little. I can't stand listening to people use support of Israel's right to exist as a reason for supporting right-wing leaders in the US. I suppose I thought a Bar Mitzvah might be an epiphany of some sort, something would go click and make me feel connected to this particular congregation, but despite the sermon on community and the fact that I love pretty much everyone who attended our ceremony, there's still a big piece of me pushing away from all that and from the parts of the liturgy that I just can't accept, personally.

Nonetheless the ceremony was beautiful and the day would have been nearly perfect had someone not walked off with the Kirby centerpiece -- the only one older son cared about -- mother took home Mario and Luigi as decorations for Sunday brunch, and we have Star Fox, Yoshi, etc. here, but son decided to melt down over the big pink blob! It took awhile to calm him down so he would go swimming with West Coast cousin, and again before opening presents, which was something of a shock! I think he's exhausted...not sure it's a great idea giving them their kiddush cups and having them read at services the night before, considering no one gets home till 10:30 and then everyone has to get up very early the next morning. I took almost no photos, left that to the professionals, but here are a couple...

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We had the reception at a Marriott Suites and I must express my very great pleasure with the hotel...not sure if the whole chain is like this, but the food was great, the organization was superb and the rooms were very nice (they let us use a suite for the day so we could take the kids swimming in the evening). I was also thrilled with our DJ who was very receptive to requests and great with the kids, most of whom are not dancers and were much more interested in games with prizes. I am very happy and proud, and everyone said I was glowing on the bimah, but I must admit that a major emotion is relief that it's over! Sunday we are having brunch at my parents' with relatives and her out-of-town friends, with whom I barely got to speak today because I was talking to my out-of-town friends and the locals I managed to persuade to come! *g*