September 12th, 2006

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Poem for Tuesday

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Had a quiet Monday which was exactly what I needed. Wrote three articles' worth of news bullets (Trek 40th celebrations -- no one at TrekToday bothered to write an anniversary piece since I was away that Friday night, hahaha -- remastered syndicated original Trek stuff and general news about actors, conventions, etc.). Took younger son to soccer and older son to the bank to deposit the checks he received as gifts. Discovered that we can't get a plumber out here till Tuesday at the earliest, nor someone to look at the microwave (which may have blown a fuse or may have blown, period) till Thursday. Sighed, made older son work on thank you notes even though there is no school for Election Day which he thought should make it an all-afternoon video game free-for-all.

Folded three of four laundries while watching the Redskins choke -- not that the press seemed as interested in the game as the fact that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were there with the Redskins' owner, who is now bankrolling Tom's movies. Then put on the first episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys I ever saw, "Web of Desire", which I had watched only intending to see a few episodes since wanted me to review Xena and I figured I should be familiar with the show from which it emerged; I fell instantly in love with the canonical slashiness (Gina Torres as Nebula asking Michael Hurst as Iolaus how long he and Herc have been together, Iolaus refusing to refute what she's implying) and the postmodern referentiality (Herc is off chasing the Spider Woman spouting lines like, "This is one big web site"), not to mention the magnificent New Zealand scenery, the gratuitous pirates...really, what's not to love? I wish Deep Discount DVD would drop the price on Xena, too, because I could watch both these series over and over, and it's more fun to see them back-to-back as Channel 50 used to air them here in syndication since there's so much crossover among the plots and guest actors. Seeing Kevin Smith still breaks my heart a little.

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Kids have no school but younger son does have Hebrew school and I will be stuck in the house for much of tomorrow waiting for a plumber. And I have to choose the lesser of several weevils among Democratic Senate nominees. The one who's a little less progressive on some issues is also rated 100% by NARAL, and of issues of great importance to me, that's the top one -- I'd love a candidate who was a stronger supporter of gay marriage but not one where past scandals or championing of other interests is going to get him sidelined. I'm always glad when a candidate opposes the death penalty but in terms of practical politics, it matters much more where the state governor stands than the US senator. And sadly enough, when I have to choose between protecting abortion rights and putting an end to the death penalty, I choose the former, since an end to legal termination of pregnancies will ultimately cause so many more unjust deaths -- every woman will potentially be at risk. It would be so great if all the religious fanatics currently sabotaging reproductive choices would go protest the number of executions instead.
little review

Nope, Haven't Voted Yet

Couldn't if I wanted to. No electronic voting machines were operational when polls opened in my county because the election officials failed to deliver the voter authorization cards. So some people could have voted multiple times using provisional ballots (they weren't crossing names off the lists) and some people undoubtedly left the polls in disgust without voting.

They need to extend our deadline to vote past 8 p.m. tonight or I am going to be furious.

Idiots. At least it happened in the primary and not the general election...

ETA: Polls are open till 9 in Montgomery County tonight!