September 14th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Thought that marriage poem was an interesting contrast with the epithalamion from yesterday and I saw Pleasantville for the first time earlier on cable -- not sure how I have managed to miss it, considering it's absolutely packed with actors I like and was well-reviewed, and I love movies about the '50s breaking down into the '60s in general, a la Hairspray which Pleasantville reminded me of in its absurdist approach if not its style, which is classier and more restrained Collapse )

The dentist was the high point of my day, as I have no cavities. I looked at books at the Borders in the mall but ended up not buying anything since I have such a big unread stack already, ate lunch at Jerry's upon remembering that the microwave isn't getting fixed till Friday, came home, retrieved younger son and took him to violin, then retrieved older son and watched as both kids demonstrated programming skills on their new Texas Instruments calculators (younger son's was older son's so is new to him; older son got the latest model, since he wanted it and since younger son needed one for school). Seems that it's Mario games that they were programming, not homework, but you can't have everything.

Trek news was Cingular releasing the HTC Star Trek phone in the US and Bakula talking about wanting to talk about something other than Star Trek, heh. Am thinking about volunteering to serve as an election judge for the general election since clearly there are not enough in my county; the only thing is that people are expected to work 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. with absolutely no break, and I'd have to have my entire family on call for my kids to manage those hours. I don't understand why they don't allow half-day shifts. No wonder they don't have enough judges!

Close-up of JFK's PT boat, salvaged by Robert Ballard, at the Mystic Aquarium's Institute for Exploration.

Someone who's read the Eragon books: are Djimon Hounsou (Ajihad), Jeremy Irons (Brom) and John Malkovich (King Galbatorix) playing good guys or bad guys in the movie? My son read them but was not in a conversational mood when I asked him, as I had just ordered him to put his calculator away and go do his homework!

It's the anniversary of Princess Grace's death; the date has always stuck in my head for some reason. She was one of my favorite guilty pleasures. And speaking of politics, I'm sad about Ann Richards. She was truly one of a kind.