September 17th, 2006

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Poem for Sunday

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After younger son's soccer game around lunchtime (they were short several players and lost 9-1; older son was volunteering in my mother's class at Hebrew school), we went out to get hand rakes at Plow & Hearth and a gift card for the Bar Mitzvah we were attending in the evening; we also stopped in the newly enlarged Congressional Aquarium store, which is staffed by very knowledgeable people and has an amazing collection of fish, amphibians and reptiles for sale and is nearly as much fun to visit as most educational aquariums (anyone who has kids and lives near a halfway decent aquarium store, I highly recommend this as a rainy day activity).

The Havdalah service for the Bar Mitzvah started at 5:30 and we got downtown early to get parking places because there are always two children together, like my son and the girl who was B'Nai Mitzvah with him, and the other boy is from a really wealthy family that's very involved in the congregation and we had been warned they were expecting a big crowd (which they had, all spectacularly dressed and talking through the service). The family whose ceremony we were attending had more people than ours but not a huge number; they had lots of out-of-town relatives and the boy had invited girls, something in which our son expressed a distinct lack of interest. *g* There was a very bizarre moment where one of the fathers went to take the Torah out of the ark, which has seven Torahs, each robed in a different cover decorated to reflect the seven days of creation, and somehow he managed to bump the Torahs on either side so that they all crashed into each other and very nearly fell out. The rabbi, cantor and all the adults on the bimah were frantically trying to keep them from falling over, and the rabbi joked that one was supposed to fast fifty days for dropping a Torah so if they had all gone, that would be a year!

Otherwise it was a very nice service (despite the people talking incessantly behind us about everything from what other people were wearing to the latest sports news) and the party was lots of was at an Italian restaurant near the synagogue and there was so much food, hot appetizers and two salads and four main courses all served family-style so I ate a little of everything and a massive dessert table! Plus a deejay much like the one we had, with prizes for the kids and a respectable amount of "Celebration", "Y.M.C.A.", Michael Jackson medley, etc. It is very funny to me how the music that was new when I was a Bat Mitzvah in late 1979 has remained the music still played at such celebrations! They played almost no recent dance music, though they did play "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and other songs I thought were sort of weird choices for a joyous event...maybe I am just old and out of it!

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Sunday vertigo66 and I am going to a Mabon celebration. Ahh, fall!