September 19th, 2006

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Poem for Tuesday

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Spent a quiet morning putting pages into my Book of Shadows, since my horoscope said I would have a spiritually rewarding day, and it was -- I decided it was silly to try to keep all the Jewitchery at the back instead of integrated among the Pagan stuff (some of which is Wiccan, some of which is not) so now it's much more reflective of how I do stuff and is a lot more useful for looking things up, like I will need to do in December since I volunteered to write the ritual for Yule (the light-centered holidays of midwinter being common to so many cultures that it's very easy to think of Yule and Chanukah jointly, whereas Samhain is harder to connect to mainstream Jewish tradition as I grew up with it).

As I predicted, the pavers did start bright and early and I was afraid to move the car from the spot I had on the street lest I should lose it, but as the day went on it became apparent that parking was not going to be a big crisis so we all went out when younger son had soccer practice (to Rite Aid, big excitement, but I found my drugstore Halloween Barbie so I am pleased). Trek news was a week-old interview with Majel Roddenberry about the meaning of Trek and a report on convention virgins including Mariette Hartley and Andrea Martin, plus some bullets, plus lots of e-mail about the latest flame war among webmasters which I am trying SO hard to stay out of but there's no way to be friendly to people who don't like each other without ALL of them assuming you're on someone's side other that their own, it seems!

Watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, enjoyed it for what it was -- as a longtime Saturday Night Live fan and West Wing fan, there were lots of moments that resonated with me...I really enjoyed the Network references, the cracks at network pandering to the FCC, the (sur)realism of Felicity Huffman playing herself and complaining about the bad parody of Desperate Housewives she was supposed to participate in, and the moments of slashiness between Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. But I loathed the way both major female characters were written -- I like Amanda Peet, but the attempted balance of brilliant executive and Really I'm A Nice Person just wasn't working, and Sarah Paulson's character who has to get Jesus into every sentence but insists she's Not One Of Those Christians just made me cringe. We'll see how it is next week, I guess!

I forgot Heroes was on tonight so I missed the premiere -- was it good? Should I watch it on Yahoo, which has the entire episode for free? Monday Night Football was very slooow and we discovered that the episode of Futurama with most of the original Star Trek cast was on, so we watched that...I'd never seen it before and it was hilarious! Shatner and Nimoy all sniffly saying goodbye, even as heads! Nichols doing the Xena flip and cry! Two dozen jokes about episodes, my favorite being that the evil alien is another Trelane, except he's 34 and still living in his parents' basement! Hee!

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Oh yeah, happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrr!
little review

Brief TV Squee

The Hollywood Reporter says that Showtime has picked up Brotherhood for a ten-episode second season. Whoo, even before they have DVD sales factored in! Now I just have to hope all the characters I like survive the season finale! *hopes for Michael*

ETA: Whoo again! "[Series creator Blake] Masters did say that all the main characters from this season will return for season two." --The Providence Journal

And on a less happy note, Steve Irwin's memorial service is on Animal Planet commercial-free at 9 p.m. EST.

Er, shiver me timbers! I am Navigatin' Glynnis Morgan according to that pirate name thing everyone is doing!