October 4th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Did lots of writing Tuesday, some for fun, some for work -- Of Gods and Men wraps filming with a cast of minor Star Trek alumni (or if you really want to see Trek actors, you could just watch Boston Legal) and Star Trek: Encounters is shipping which means that I have to do lots of articles about Trek gaming which all say pretty much the same thing. I hardly saw my kids, though, because younger son had Hebrew school and older son got off at the late bus stop, and I turned them over to my mother so that apaulled and I could go see The Last King of Scotland, for which I had won a pass from The Washington Post. It was playing downtown at the theater where I first saw Master and Commander (also a free screening), and it was absolutely packed, with people being turned away in droves -- we got there nearly an hour and a half early and there were at least 30 people in line in front of us.

Under those circumstances, it was impossible to go out to any of the wonderful Georgetown restaurants and we had to settle for chicken tenders in the theater. But it was worth it, because the film was excellent and Forest Whitaker is a sure bet for a nomination for every film acting award -- James McAvoy is very good too, but when Whitaker's Idi Amin is on the screen, you never take your eyes off him. Collapse ) Then came home and watched Boston Legal, having missed the first few minutes. And wow, they are doing arcs this season! Two out of three storylines this episode! Collapse )

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Wednesday older son is having his new molars capped and I have a bazillion things to do that I did not get done today because of movie date! Eee! Not that I am sorry. *g* Will answer mail in the morning!