October 5th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Had one of those "what am I doing with my life" moments in between schlepping the kids to violin, the dentist, the bookstore, etc. and sent out a bunch of resumes, some for part-time jobs for which I am extremely overqualified but will hopefully have workable hours and some for full-time jobs that, given what commuting into DC or Virginia is like, are almost certainly more hours than I want to work now, but I figure maybe there are other positions not being advertised or freelance opportunities. Then sat down and read a bunch of course catalogues and wondered whether the University of Maryland will give me back the fellowship I walked away from, only instead of finishing my PhD I can take various creative arts and theater courses before they notice I'm not working on my dissertation.

Otherwise I posted a bunch of stuff about Pocket's new Ships of the Line Star Trek book, gorgeous illustrations, not sure why this exactly is triggering a mid-life crisis but for some reason looking at graphic designs of various Enterprises depressed me. I also summarized a bunch of reviews of The Nine, on which John Billingsley is a member of the ensemble and I decided to watch it because for every naysayer like Tom Shales of The Washington Post, there were two other critics calling it the best drama of the season. I enjoyed the pilot quite a bit because the actors are good and the cinematography is interesting, but I must agree with Shales that there is something rather grating about watching a show that jumps back and forward in time to emphasize the point that all the major characters know something you don't. I am hoping they play out the hostage drama in the first weeks and focus on what everyone does with their lives in later weeks rather than trying to do both simultaneously, because, for instance, without knowing what terrible thing the doctor did that has his fiancee questioning whether she wants anything to do with him anymore, I don't feel any desire to get attached to either of those characters.

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Am officially totally sick of coughing. Can it be bronchitis if I am not coughing anything up, my sinuses are clear and I feel fine other than my throat constricting whenever I am around a pile of dry leaves?