October 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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So weirdly enough, I am not coughing much anymore but my throat is clogged nearly all the time and hurts far more than it has for the past two weeks. I am hoping that this is a sign of recovery. Because of this, I slept till nearly 10, at which point I realized that I was going to be hopelessly behind all day and there was no point in fighting it. We picked younger son up from Hebrew school, had a quick lunch and went to the Montgomery County Agricultural History Farm Park's Harvest Festival, first time we've been there...it was like a miniature county fair, only without the awards and amusement park rides and crowds and alpaca races and with demonstrations of hay baling, tinsmithing, assorted needlecrafts, laundry using 18th century equipment, scarecrow-making, herb planting and cornhusk doll design. There was also live bluegrass and folk music, antique farm equipment on display near the historic farmhouse and barn, a craft show in the newer barn complex, gardens with herbs and dahlias, samples of locally harvested honey and locally churned butter, funnel cakes, goats, pigs, chickens, cows, horses, alpaca, bees...lots of fun!

Then we went to Rodman's, which is the only grocery store I know of in the DC suburbs that carries PG Tips tea, and what is the point of going to a store with British imports without picking up dairy milk caramel Cadbury and Walker's shortbread? And, since Rodman's imports from other parts of the world, chili peppers that I'm currently not allowed to eat, and Ambrosoli honey drops, and a decent bottle of Italian dessert wine, and a big crusty loaf of bread that we had for dinner with olive oil, and some veggies and seasoning and flavored maple syrup. Then we were going to have a quiet evening watching the Meerkat Manor marathon until apaulled insisted on switching to baseball, having already watched Philly survive the Dallas game after the Redskins graciously made a case for themselves as the worst team in their football division, but we had a bit of an Animal Planet problem right on our deck:

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Monday being Columbus Day, we couldn't get the animal control department on the phone to ask them what to do, and it has since gone away...probably to prowl in front of houses where people have put their garbage out on the assumption that there will be pickup tomorrow even though the government is closed. I am visiting younger son's class since the school always has an open house the morning of Columbus Day. Usually they have pretty good bagels, too, so I am hoping that tradition continues. And I am posting early because I have to wake up early enough to make myself presentable!