October 11th, 2006

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Poem for Wednesday

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No real news here. Finished most of the posting-photos project I started Monday, still have to resize a bunch of pics of my kids. Wrote articles about Connor Trinneer and William Shatner, aka the Bravest Man Alive -- see notes on Boston Legal below. Drove Tuesday Hebrew school carpool, then had to have McDonald's for dinner once younger son had been retrieved because the elementary school does a fundraiser every year where the teachers are cashiers there for a night and some percentage of the money goes to the school...fortunately this is the last year for it! I like the California Tortilla and Ledo's Pizza fundraisers much better, not to mention the Scholastic Books fundraisers. Oh, that's right, next week is book fair and I need to figure out what Scholastic publishes school editions of that we want. I already have The End on order from Amazon.com along with The Beatrice Letters because with free shipping they were both cheaper from there if we wait for them, and younger son is reading Digital Fortress because they had to read a mystery novel for school this month so that is going to take him awhile anyway! Am mad at myself because I bought a blouse on eBay specifically because I had a discount coupon which I then forgot to use.

Right when we got back with dinner we discovered that Little Shop of Horrors was on and watched it, which we have not done in years -- this is the musical, not the Roger Corman movie, though we have both on ancient VHS tape off HBO. Oh MAN I forgot how funny that is! Hey, does anyone have the original very limited-release DVD with the original ending which is now only available for exhorbitant prices? Or does anyone know where the original ending itself might be available? *bats eyelashes* The song is on the soundtrack, which we have owned since the movie came out -- we saw it at a free screening in college before it officially opened -- but I have never seen the "Don't Feed the Plants" scene! It's on again on Sunday morning and I need to remember to record it, because I am not spending money on the later, excised DVD. My other entertainment for the night was the aforementioned Boston Legal, less insane than previously this season and still running an arc story...and Armin Shimerman and Rene Auberjonois onscreen together making me so happy! Collapse )

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