October 12th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Am eating Smartfood, chatting with a friend and half-watching Jarhead so forgive incoherency. I'm entitled to brainlessness, as hubby brought home Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties for the kids earlier, and not only did they want to watch the movie but to play all the games that came on the disc, so I had to listen to that music over and over. The news from New York was freaking me out, and worse, half of our county had a Code Blue in the schools, apparently because some kid said he was threatened by someone with a gun (turned out to be a hoax, and my own kids' schools were not affected, but the thought of it was really unpleasant). Am only half-watching Jarhead because it's so violent -- I wanted distraction for the evening, and not hostages on The Nine, either. Otherwise it was a relatively quiet day: I did a whole bunch of writing, editing, organizing and printing Pagan stuff I promised to share with a fellow heretical Jew. (Have only just realized that anotherjen who has left me fic feedback is the same Jennifer who wrote Magickal Judaism and whom I have known for years and years on Yahoo's Jewitchery list...I just ordered a copy of that for my mother, who doesn't quite get my circle rituals.)

Speaking of Paganism, I took younger son to violin, where I discovered that he has a recital smack in the middle of the Samhain ritual at beeej's to which I am planning to go. Hopefully son will forgive me if only one parent attends! In very small compensation, son has requested that I post photos of his violin teacher's cockatiels, whom he has dubbed Hungry Birdie and Itchy Birdie since he has never asked their given names. Every week we are required to arrive early enough to visit with the birds, which the teacher (whose house is a worse disaster area than mine, and that is really saying something) has offered to give to us, but we have nowhere to keep their cage where they would be safe from the Wrath of Cinnamon. Here they are:

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In general it was a funny day for getting mail from long-distance connections -- got a note from an American folk singer living in the UK whose CD I reviewed several years ago, who apparently just found the review, and a note from someone who reads me at TrekToday and apparently realized we probably met at Shore Leave. And I got a note from a guy who runs a poetry magazine who apparently googled littlereview.com to see if the name was taken -- that happens with some regularity, and I get letters from people doing research on Margaret Anderson which always makes me happy. And speaking of happy, in a story sent on by apaulled, this is a case that Boston Legal should look into copying on the show -- if a man walks around his office naked, and no one sees him but a security camera, is it really indecency?