October 14th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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For a Friday the 13th, it was a fairly unremarkable day either in terms of great luck or terrible luck. I wrote a review of "Plato's Stepchildren" and filled out a couple of part-time job applications, the one which sounds by far the most desirable comes with a big catch -- it's a vegan food company and they prefer someone vegan, so I am hoping having a brother-in-law who owns the highest-rated vegan restaurant in L.A. gets me bonus points. Also I rearranged the books in my bedroom, an activity which caused much consternation for the cats, who sat on the bed taking turns trying to intimidate each other into leaving and rubbing their faces over any book I put on the mattress.

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With parents out of town, we had dinner at home and had a lovely long evening of sci-fi TV, starting with Doctor Who, which is closely rivaling Boston Legal for Top Show I Simply Cannot Live Without. We have been watching the Tom Baker Doctor Who in late-night reruns on public television, and one of the ones from last weekend was actually referenced by tonight's episode! Collapse ) Then we all watched Battlestar Galactica which was a lot faster-moving than last week, and though I loathe the Starbuck storyline with a passion, I might as well admit that I could probably keep watching for Lucy Lawless and Mary McDonnell alone. They were why I left the TV on, at least. And then, although I had only intended to record it and pick up in a few weeks with the previously unaired episodes, we watched the first episode of Threshold on Sci Fi and I really, really enjoyed it...had forgotten how great the cast is, especially Carla Gugino.

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The Festival of the Sea is going on in Baltimore's Inner Harbor on Saturday and the Maryland Science Center is having Rockets and Robots Day, so after soccer, that is where we are going with apaulled's parents!