October 18th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I had a nice day, though very little of it turned out as planned. I was going to take vertigo66 out for a belated birthday lunch, but her little one was sick, so we postponed. Then my mother called and asked if I wanted to have lunch with her, so I did. We went to Legal Seafood and split their coconut shrimp and crab dip appetizers, and I had their spicy tomato shrimp, scallop and fish soup, then we walked around in bookstores and stuff in the mall (I totally behaved and did not buy anything). Came home and picked up both kids since it was pouring, took younger son to Hebrew school, fed older son because he had an evening chorus concert at a high school trying to recruit the singers, sent older son off with apaulled for the concert, picked up younger son and fed him. In the middle of all this, I also wrote a review of The Desperate Housewives Cookbook, which is very enjoyable even for casual fans like me...though if I hadn't gotten a review copy, I would never have paid the full $30 cover price for it.

After dinner, younger son wanted to watch TV, I suggested that we watch a movie together, and he discovered that Hoot -- which he is reading at school -- was on pay per view, so we watched that. It's a delightful movie about a group of kids in Florida who discover that a family of burrowing owls lives in the field where a big corporate pancake house is about to build a franchise, so the kids try to save the owls. Robert Wagner plays the town mayor. Florida looks magnificent in the film -- this is supposed to be a poor small town, the twelve jobs the pancake house will bring is a big deal, yet the main character lives in a really big house and can walk to both the beach and a magnificent wildlife-filled mangrove swamp. I'd move there.

And after everyone got home and the kids went to bed, we watched Boston Legal. Whoo! Collapse )

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