October 22nd, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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The part of my day that was not Prestige-ious was spent writing a couple of Star Trek articles, going to younger son's soccer game, watching the Cardinals' surprise victory and playing Happy Feet: Return to Emperor Land which is the most cracked board game since...I don't know, Twister or something. You start out as a little plastic egg with feet, then after you cross a certain spot on the board you turn into a little plastic penguin. There are penguin and fish cards that make you move forward or backward, and at various spots you have to either do a dance or sing, and there are these little cards that tell you what kind of dance you have to do (fast, slow, twisting, like a fish) or what kind of song you have to sing (humming, whistling, incorporating words like fa-fa-freezing)...everyone gets to make an utter fool of him or herself.

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Sunday is Frederick Family Festival @ the Farm so we are going to pick pumpkins and see sheep and alpacas and have fun!