October 24th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Huzzah, our stove is fixed! And we have had pumpkin soup (the cheap and easy way, with canned pumpkin). Of course I got up early since Sears could have arrived any time after eight and I had to be showered, dressed and speaking coherently, and of course -- since the window ended at noon -- they got here at about thirty seconds to twelve. And we ended up having to replace the igniter, which was over $100. But at least we do not need to replace the stove! We bought it and the microwave the same day and now both of them have had major problems within a couple of weeks of each other...do we think they have timed obsolescence built in? And did I spell obsolescence right?

I had a lovely lunch at Lebanese Taverna with miriya_b, whom I met on account of theological stuff on my web site and was afraid of scaring away when she discovered my evil fannish activities, but apparently she met her spouse at what she called "geek camp" so I think I am safe for the moment. *g* Wrote an obit of Jane Wyatt after reading several -- I had no idea that she was descended from the Rensselaers, nor that she went to Barnard. Saw that Shark was picked up for the season and couldn't decide whether to be pleased or not because I will probably end up watching it because of inertia and I don't even think I like it! I do like Heroes more and more, though I have vague X-Files/Lost fears that the writers do not, in fact, have a long-term game plan. Am hoping they have this season decently mapped, at least. Question: Collapse )

And speaking of TV, I tracked down both episodes of Torchwood, started watching, started getting a headache from the pixelation and decided to stop but given some of the scenes I have heard about, I am not at all confident that we will get these episodes in anything close to their original state and who knows how long it will be before there are DVDs here, so I am saving them in case I need them! Meanwhile apaulled found a recent Great Big Sea concert at EzTorrent and I think it's pretty much the same set list they did when we saw them in DC. I don't know what their policies are on recording live shows, but EzTorrent is pretty adamant about removing recordings if the bands don't want them distributed, so I am hoping this means GBS is taking a Phish attitude toward homemade bootlegs!

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The Giants beating the Cowboys is almost always a cause to be pleased, particularly when it's so clear that the Redskins will not be a force in the division this season!