October 27th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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I have my new glasses! Which are a little bit heavier than my old glasses and shaped slightly differently and are going to take me awhile to get used to, but hopefully this means I will stop squinting when I read and will not get headaches. And there was no wait at all in Lenscrafters, for maybe the first time ever, and Lindt was giving out sample Halloween chocolate truffles. *g* My Thursday headache was my older son's bus being in a very minor accident, which meant that he didn't get home till almost 7 -- he stays for Shakespeare Club on Thursdays and usually gets home about a quarter to six. I folded laundry and watched Atlantis' "Childhood's End" which I really liked -- Logan's Run meets TNG's "Half a Life" -- thought the ending was a bit of a too-simple cop-out but up to that point I was really enjoying the episode, particularly Weir being pissed at McKay's idiocy in assuming their need for a ZPM overrides what the kids on the planet with whom he is so awkward might need it for.

After we finally got organized and had a quick dinner (with younger son's best friend in attendance, having announced that he loves linguini and by the way what is linguini again?), we watched Smallville, in which we learned that at school Oliver was either Draco Malfoy or James Potter, depending on which one you think was the bigger bully. I was going to say that Oliver, Alden and Jeffrey were Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle but I suppose one could make the case that actually they were James, Sirius and Peter while Lex was Snape. Um, okay, I have been in HP fandom too long! Collapse )

Post-Smallville we watched several hours of World Series, since everything else on television was conveniently a rerun...I am rooting for Detroit but I can't help but be glad that the Cardinals are keeping things interesting! And I read about endangered Panama frogs living in a hotel and a high school principal banning Captain Underpants. And whoever would have thought I'd be saying gee, maybe we should think about moving to New Jersey? So apparently there's a rumor going around that Sean Bean will be on Heroes, based on the IMDb, which is wrong as often as they it's right, especially where he is concerned (I am still lamenting his absence from Venetian Heat). But man, that would make me so happy if true!

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Friday evening we were supposed to have a Meet Your Partner dinner at the synagogue for kids who will be B'nai Mitzvah in 2009 *gulp* but it has been inexplicably cancelled and postponed till spring. So it will be a chaotic day, as younger son has an orthodontist appointment and I must review "The Empath" which is one of my very favorite original series episodes, but at least a bit less chaotic.

So to ask a dumb question, with Marnanel.org dead, how do we find out who unfriended us recently? *g* Oh and ribby, I was in the mood for the icon is because I loved the way in The Prestige (the novel), Angier used "Mesmerise" as a capital-letter verb because it was close enough to Mesmer's era! I am due for another viewing of that movie, too.