November 2nd, 2006

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Poem for Thursday

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Kids had no school because it's the end of the marking period -- this month is a little crazy, they're also off for the election and have half-days for conferences, then Thanksgiving -- so I wrote all my Trek news early in the morning, we postponed younger son's violin lesson, apaulled took the afternoon off and we went to Catoctin Mountain Park, which we figure is more likely to be closed on Election Day (Camp David is on the other side of the mountain but they close the park whenever the president is there). We picnicked at the head of the Hog Rock Nature Trail, which we then walked on -- lots of pretty yellow leaves, and rocks for boys to climb -- and hiked to the Blue Ridge Summit Overlook which has one of the best views in the park.

When we came down, we drove to the Grotto of Lourdes at Mount St. Mary's, which I thought might be crowded since it was All Saints Day but was actually nearly empty, not a single person by the holy water spring and so quiet at the grotto itself that we could discuss the frogs in the stream that runs past it. After that we stopped at Catoctin Mountain Orchard, which has excellent inexpensive apple butter and mustard and cider, then we went to Catoctin Furnace because we'd never been and we always see signs for it driving to Catoctin and my in-laws' house, so now we have seen what's left of the ironworks and the bits of town that surrounded it, set among gorgeous fall foliage. The temperature hovered between 65-70 all day and it was slightly overcast on the mountain...does it get any more beautiful than that?

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For some reason Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves came up while we were driving home, so after a belated viewing of the Charlie Brown Halloween special which we had missed on TV this year, we put it on -- the extended version, the only one I will ever watch again, with all the lovely Rickman scenes restored. Given all the rumblings that Costner demanded the cuts personally so Robin Hood would outshine the Sheriff, I must watch it sometime with the commentary on to see what Costner says about the deleted scenes! I'm just glad he didn't try to stop an extended edition that gives Rickman his due. I owned the movie on professional videotape and am very grateful to my tape for falling apart a couple of years ago and giving me an excuse to buy the DVD EE.

The chocolate spa in Hershey is where I want to spend my 40th birthday. Well, okay, I WANT to spend it in London, Paris or Sydney, but being realistic, a chocolate spa would certainly work.
little review

This is a gratuitous morning post to say...

1) dana___ has alerted me to Denny Crane and Alan Shore looking oh so pretty in pink here (also Alan and Jerry in full squee mode). Is it wrong if I want to be a lesbian with James Spader? Because Claire in the dress doesn't do a thing for me, but Alan...mmmm. *hides*

2) Last night I dreamed that I was on my way to the airport with my family to go to England and we stopped at a mall along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway on the way to BWI and I realized I had forgotten all my camera cables and batteries and we didn't have time to go home and get them if we wanted to make our flight and it would have cost an absolute fortune to replace them all in the mall or in England. I am sure this symbolizes something about baggage, but I don't know what. Then I dreamed I was reading People magazine and it said Lance Bass and Tom Welling were dating. I am sure this symbolizes something, too, but I don't know if I want to know what.

3) I was going to let myself eat as much Halloween candy as I wanted on Halloween and then behave the rest of the week, but so long as there is peppermint bark in the house, I am DOOMED.

4) Not surprised to read that Studio 60 is about to be put out of its misery, though sorry for my friends who like the show. Collapse )

5) It's not Monday! It's Thursday! Yay! *runs off to make icons of Denny and Alan* Collapse )