November 3rd, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Slow morning getting organized after being gone most of yesterday, did some research, made some phone calls, wrote some Trek news, worked on an article. Got a pissy letter from a Marina Sirtis fan demanding an apology for quoting Sirtis' exact words in a chat with fans, posted on Sirtis' own web site, without first checking with those same fans to find out whether Sirtis would want her negative comments about William Shatner posted "in public" (because apparently Sirtis' own message board is not "in public" but TrekToday is). There was a ROM update for my MDA, which required resetting everything on the phone...the documents could be synced, but I had to put all my voice tags back in, reset the background picture and auto-text and things like that, which took quite a bit of time. miriya_b came over for a late lunch, was exposed to my house in full disaster mode (Halloween costumes still over back of couch, pumpkins slowly decaying inside-out in kitchen), then was exposed to younger son in not-wanting-to-do-homework mode but at least this week he remembered his spelling words so I could test him on them! It's never good when "archaeology" is spelled wrong on the practice list.

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Smallville didn't fully hold my attention...too much Lana, too much alien woo-woo, and while I like Chloe and Jimmy together and he's funny, I wish we were laughing with him more than at him. Collapse ) On the other hand, I really liked Shark, which took on a big case with political implications -- much as I adore and worship the crack that is Boston Legal, I liked the pseudo-realism, the outrage of the Latino lawyer on Stark's team, the mayor arguing the relativism of sweatshops employing poor people at the same time Stark is teaching his daughter to appreciate subjective truth in her own plagiarism case. "You want to tilt at windmills, rent a donkey," he tells one of the women on the team -- but he does it, when he thinks he can win. Collapse )