November 5th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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If you can read this, it means that LiveJournal is working! Whoo! You all know that in case of all-day emergency, you can find me at GreatestJournal, right, and have a blast from the past with my LJ layout from more than two years ago? I was hoping that my inability to post from my MDA was a function of whatever was being done at LJ HQ and would repair itself, but LJ seems to be functioning and I still can't post comments from the MDA, and T-Mobile's most helpful comment was, "try a soft reboot." Grr. Am wondering whether I need to change my comment pages back to LJ's basic ones -- if that works, and my comment pages change, you will know why!

We had a day of domestic necessities. Older son worked in the morning in my mother's Hebrew class, younger son had soccer. Then we went to get haircuts, stopped in the Container Store and the Aquarium Store in Congressional, walked over to Circuit City to buy recordable DVDs which they were out of, stopped at Target so older son could get some video game (for which he thanks you and your gift card, gblvr), stopped at Radio Shack to buy recordable DVDs which they were not out of and which were on sale for only a few cents more than at Circuit City, stopped at the food and drug stores for necessities and came home regrettably in darkness though it was not yet 6 p.m.

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Since I'm already linking to The Washington Post Book World, here are Amanda Vail's review of Kate Williams' England's Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton, Jonathan Yardley's review of Jeff Broadwater's George Mason: Forgotten Founder and Michael Dirda's review of Ruth Padel's Tigers in Red Weather: A Quest for the Last Wild Tigers, all of which I now want to read.

Sultana Downrigging is Sunday -- whoo! Will be in Chestertown all day. And Russell Crowe on 60 Minutes, yay! Next week is going to be nuts, though, as the kids have one day off and two half-days of school!