November 11th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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This is what happens when your younger son who is obsessed with penguins finds out that Build-a-Bear has Happy Feet penguins and you get a free stuffed fishie if you stuff one this weekend:

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Yeah, by the time I was finished writing my probably-nicer-than-necessary review of "Whom Gods Destroy", younger son was home from school, so we dropped his older brother off at a friend's and went to make a penguin. (Both kids had very good report cards, so everyone was in a celebratory mood.) That and a trip to the post office to mail invitations to the photographer for the first page of the Bar Mitzvah albums were the highlights of my afternoon. Am rather sad that The New York Times does not find Russell charming (The Washington Post was even more critical but it was their idiot reviewer whom I doubt anyone with half a brain ever listens to, not the halfway intelligent one) but it meant I was not all mopey that I probably won't get to see the movie for at least a week because apaulled has very little interest and perkypaduan is going out of town! I did like this Washington Post article which states the obvious but it bears repeating that Clinton told an untruth about his penis and got impeached, while Bush repeatedly has told untruths about great big enormous matters of national policy and defense and everyone always shrugs.

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Adored Doctor Who, though "The Idiot's Lantern" is not going on my top five list except for how very angry the Doctor gets when Rose is in jeopardy, which is interesting because he's nearly always the one who leads her into jeopardy in the first place...not that she doesn't go very willingly and have plenty of agency, but the extent of his fury is impressive and something of a shift from the Ninth Doctor to the Tenth. Collapse ) We also watched BSG, which was really not to my taste at all...when I listen to people go on at length about how Star Trek sucks and BSG is gritty and real, I get the urge to point out all the ways in which I do not think BSG is either realistic nor a useful parallel, and this week was back to the odiousness of previous seasons for me. Collapse )