November 13th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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Our original plan for Sunday was to go to the Sully Historic Site to see the Brigade Napoleon demonstrating 200-year-old cavalry skills, but it was raining nearly all day so we ended up just doing local shopping chores. Younger son insisted on stopping in GameStop to see if they would sell him the Happy Feet game two days early (we sincerely hope he realizes that he is getting VERY few Chanukah presents because he is being indulged in all this penguin stuff in advance, but I bet we get whined at in December -- the only thing older son wants is a Wii, and I have absolutely no idea whether that one will even be possible by December). They did not have the Happy Feet game in yet so we were spared for the moment. Penguins of the Antarctic on PBS was some consolation.

We suffered from an afternoon blackout -- not just the neighborhood but the traffic lights, which made getting home from shopping a nightmare -- and I have had a very frustrating evening. Either the ethernet card or the attached modem for the ancient laptop has died, meaning that I don't have a computer I can use facing the television, and considering that this laptop doesn't have a working USB port and does have a broken screen (one section of it won't resolve clearly), it is not worth putting any money into repairing it. But we can't really afford to replace it, meaning I am either going to have to fight my husband every night I want to watch TV for the use of his laptop (fat chance given that his computer has been downloading literally thousands of Grateful Dead and Phish concerts for years and is always on doing so) or I have to use up all my birthday/Chanukah money buying a new laptop which other people are just going to run into the ground anyway, and then I can't get camera stuff or anything else. I wanted to watch Match Point on cable to see if I still resented it for being an inferior copy of Crimes and Midemeanors, but couldn't really see it from where I'm typing this. Am really not happy about this.

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I am amused at least that now that The Noble Collection is selling Lupin's wand, one can easily see that it's even more obviously designed for internal stimulation than Dumbledore's wand. And also amused that the new biography of Katharine Hepburn which I saw in the bookstore today claims that women were the great loves of her life, rather than the occasional dalliances with women hinted at in previous bios, and Spencer Tracy was a beard for her as much as she was for him. I hope Kate "Can't Relate To Lesbians" Mulgrew reads this!

The Redskins officially stink. At least the Bears just beat the Giants. My father has offered to take three of us to the Ravens game next weekend -- this always happens, he gets four tickets so someone has to stay behind with my mother who couldn't care about football -- but since younger son has Hebrew school till noon and older son is hoping his best friend gets a Wii that morning so he can go over and play, I don't know whether any of us will be going. Monday I am having a fun-crazy day, I am seeing dementordelta for lunch and porn shopping and the kids have late afternoon eye doctor appointments and at night there's a middle school magnet meeting for younger son...eeee!