November 17th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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One more Jane Hirshfield poem because I did some of that sort of organizing and it's never fun (and how come I'm graying at the temples five years earlier than she was?) I started tagging all the poetry in my journal, but it's four years' worth and I can't remember which writers I posted so many times they should have their own tags versus which I should include in more general categories like "victorian poetry," "feminist poetry" etc.

There was a thunderstorm warning and tornado watch in my county for half the day, so rather than brave the weather, I stayed home. Finished my review of The Prestige which I then realized probably won't run for three weeks since the film editor at GMR (aka perkypaduan) is out of town for her birthday, wrote up a ridiculous number of news bullets for TrekToday and threw out even more since the events they were about had already taken place...we need dynamic news bullets like TrekWeb has, particularly since they tend to bullet all of our news and we tend to bullet all of theirs. Younger son has a spelling test Friday so when he came home I tested him on that and we read together for awhile; older son had Shakespeare Club and his bus was late, so apaulled picked up pizza after picking up son.

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Had a too-much-television evening: first the end of The Da Vinci Code, which I adore because they go from Temple Church to Westminster Abbey with side visits to Docklands, Rosslyn Chapel and the Louvre (the architectural descriptions were my favorite things about that book and Angels and Demons). Then Smallville, which felt overlong to me -- a combination of too little Lionel, absolutely no Lois or Martha, FAR too much Lana, and Jimmy still not convincing me that Chloe would fall for him. Collapse ) After Smallville came "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," which I tend to think of as one of the really good third season episodes -- it has a strong social message and The Riddler -- but it also seemed kind of slow and didactic, and Kirk's responses seemed very forced (maybe because of stupid close-up shots of the red alerts and the endless self-destruct sequence that would have provided ample time for a Borg cube to warp in, assimilate the entire crew and leave before the ship blew up, had the Borg been around). And I kept reciting The Sneetches with stars upon thars which did not make it easier to take things any seriously.

Finally, after the kids had gone to bed, we watched Shark, which was quite enjoyable even after it got predictable. I love the father-daughter stuff -- Stark telling Julie that he really does want to know all the things he keeps telling her he doesn't want to know -- and I liked seeing the actress who played Mackenzie Allen's daughter on Commander in Chief again, and Collapse ) In my ongoing Paramount-CBS love, I am interviewing George Takei in conjunction with the release of the animated Star Trek. Any good questions for him? *g*