November 18th, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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It has been a nice, satisfying Friday, and though things were a bit rushed in the afternoon and early evening, everything that had to get done did, so all in all I must rate it a good day. Had lunch with miriya_b at the Noodles & Company on Rockville Pike (their yellow curry soup is wonderful), wrote a review of "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" -- not a particularly positive one, I'm afraid -- and talked to George Takei, who made up for having to postpone me an hour by talking to me for almost twice as long as originally scheduled, on everything from the recent US elections to whether William Shatner can sell out any further to his wish that the animated Star Trek episodes had taken better advantage of the visual medium to his wanting to see Daniel Radcliffe in Equus (oh hush, he played the psychiatrist in Equus onstage last year...oh fine, actually George's comment on Daniel was, "He's really going to bare his...soul!") I interviewed him several years ago when Mulan came out and his one request was that we not talk about Star Trek, so this time I got to ask questions I had to stay away from then like how he'd like to see Sulu's arc resolved. Sweet!

Speaking of Harry Potter, I did not watch any of the clips on leaky_cauldron because we're going to see Happy Feet in less than 24 hours so we'll get the preview then, but I did have to peek at the Bellatrix photos because I think I always thought of Helena Bonham-Carter in the role. (My Narcissa, regrettably, is Grace Kelly, which ain't gonna happen on film.) Am expecting unnerving mobs at the movie theater -- sounds like Casino Royale might be worth seeing on the big screen, even though I didn't see any of the Brosnans on the big screen and the last Bond movie I really, truly adored was The Spy Who Loved Me, which I saw with my father when I was in elementary school -- but it has to be better than the PS3 mania, right? (Heh, John Edwards, Wal-Mart patron extraordinaire.) They used pepper spray at a local mall but at least we didn't have Wisconsin-style riots.

Currently older son has plans to sleep over his best friend's house Saturday night so the friend's mother can drive them to Best Buy at 6 a.m. and they can get in line to get a Wii with Bar Mitzvah money (he literally received two gifts that were not cash and both of those were Judaica art collectibles, so we figure he's entitled to buy himself something). I can't figure out whether this excursion plan is overly optimistic or completely unnecessary, but since the mom has agreed to supervise the entire thing, I figure it's not my problem! Younger son was offered the chance to go to a 9 p.m. showing of Happy Feet on opening night with his best friend, but we nixed it because of the hour...we already have the tickets for Saturday, anyway.

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If aerobics help prevent brain shrinkage, can someone please explain the appeal of Richard Simmons to me? Have just spent an hour looking at proofs of my son's Bar Mitzvah album. I had comments on nearly every page and suspect the photographer (chosen and hired by my mother before I was consulted) is going to gripe about all the changes I requested but tough. I know what I like when it comes to photo layouts.

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I liked both Doctor Who and BSG better than last week's, though I am very frustrated we have been left with a cliffhanger on the former before the Thanksgiving hiatus -- oh cruel! The latter part of "The Impossible Planet" reminded me of Stargate: Atlantis for reasons I can't quite explain beyond the archaeology...the Doctor needs Rodney to help figure things out, obviously, and John to work the alien technology, heh. Collapse ) I was confused for a good part of "Hero" believing everyone had already seen the things we were shown in flashback and I was supposed to know already what secret Adama was keeping from Daniel and everyone else, but I gather that was all news to the audience as much as it was to Roslin, his son, et al? Collapse )

Big hugs to dementordelta.