November 19th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Greatly enjoyed Happy Feet, which was the main event of our day. Not sure I'd call it a great film -- like Space Cowboys for instance it feels like two films glommed together, and I can't figure out if the filmmaker had a serious message film he wanted to make and required the singing and dancing to do so or if the singing and dancing was the initial impetus and the filmmaker wanted to inject some redeeming social value. The last 15 minutes are very surreal, and in fact I considered the possibility that it was all supposed to be a dream told by the guru Lovelace rather than something that actually happened, but the framing narrative's not consistent enough to bear that out. Collapse )

I suppose by now everyone has seen the Harry Potter trailer somewhere, and while I was very happy to see that too, I really don't have much to say about it besides mmmmmmmbellatrix; wow, Emma Watson looks good; Collapse ); and OMG what is wrong with the producers not to have included in the preview a shot of Lucius Malfoy sitting naked astride a velvet pillow while being worshipped by a throng of admirers? (What do you mean, that didn't happen in the book? It did when I read it; I saw it very clearly.) It's very hard for me to get a sense of anything in a film from a teaser trailer other than everyone's haircuts. In other fannish news, I didn't know whether I was allowed to talk about this or even ask about it yesterday, but now that it's out there: George Takei will play Hiro's father on Heroes. You know, even if I didn't love that show, I would watch for him and Christopher Eccleston.

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Older son, as expected, went to his best friend's house for the night so they can get up at the crack of dawn and get their Wiis tomorrow, so we took younger son and his best friend out for dinner. They wanted to go to Burger King to get Happy Feet toys, but once we arrived there it transpired that they only wanted the toys, not Burger King food, so with great relief we bought them $1.50 dancing Rauls and then all went out for Thai food. As a result, we missed the end of the Michigan-Ohio State game, but that is just as well since we were rooting for Michigan (my brother-in-law's alma mater, not that that is a reason for rooting for them *veg*), and we saw some of the USC-UCLA game later, interrupted so we could watch Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid on TCM.

This is one of my absolute favorite movies -- it stars Steve Martin as a mediocre detective with clips from lots of classic film noir for his co-stars -- Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant (whom Martin's character fears is hitting on him, heh)...a very long list, and brilliantly directed. There's a plot device involving a list of Friends of Carlotta and Enemies of Carlotta, which to this day is how I talk about myself in relation to cliques of people (for instance, I am an Enemy of Carlotta among a certain sect of Snupin writers). My favorite exchange in the whole movie revolves around this, Collapse ) Anyway, I highly recommend it.