November 20th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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Though we did many things Sunday, including walking through sections of the National Arboretum to see how it looks in late fall and watching Desperate Crossing, the Mayflower colony reenactment on the History Channel, the only one that really mattered to my children is this one:

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So older son got his Wii, went back to his friend's house to play for awhile, then we picked him while retrieving younger son from Hebrew school, fed everyone lunch and went to the arboretum -- first the bonsai exhibit, then the National Capitol Columns, then we drove and parked near the Anacostia overlook and hiked up there. It was gorgeous, overcast and cool, and we were thinking of going from there to Huntley Meadows since we haven't been for ages, but it started to drizzle a bit and boys were itching to get home so younger son could try out the Wii.

We stopped at the mall first, though, so younger son could get the Wii Happy Feet game which Best Buy had not had it in stock yet, and wandered down to the See's Candy kiosk since they were clearly giving out samples (crispy mints mmmmm), and since the kiosk was right in front of Bath & Body Works and I had a Free Item coupon, what could I do but get one of those fabulous-smelling Aspen candles and eggnog Wallflower refills? apaulled and I watched the Mayflower reenactment ourselves, since the kids were not going to be torn away from their new toy and they had to go to bed by 9:30 anyway (really older son probably should have been thrown in bed at 8 as he had lost his voice from a morning standing out in the cold). But before that I typed up my George Takei interview, which in some ways is not as interesting as my previous interview with him from when Mulan came out, but then he specifically did not want to talk about Star Trek (having talked it to death) whereas this time he was obligated to hype the animated series.

As of this afternoon, Yahoo! said that Happy Feet was edging Bond at box office, but they were so close that the adult crowd Sunday night could have put Casino Royale over the top. Meanwhile I know I am supposed to be hysterical about Peter Jackson announcing that he's not directing The Hobbit, but at the risk of infuriating and breaking my last ties with my friends from LOTR fandom, I am far beyond caring. Collapse ) Alfonse Cuaron, say, would be fine with me, even though I somehow recovered from his absence from HP 4 and 5 without threatening to boycott the franchise forever.