November 24th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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2/3 of this post is here now because when I woke up I realized it should be friends-locked. This is the poetry and photo section. *g* I had a relatively peaceful pre-Thanksgiving meal; sister called in the morning to ask whether younger son wanted to go with her family to see Happy Feet, which sister and her husband hated and let younger son know in no uncertain terms, though their daughters liked it (younger son is quite disgusted with them, which amuses me though given that they are his aunt and uncle, I am not sure I should be so gleeful).

While he was out, my in-laws arrived and we spent a lovely afternoon discussing the election, A Prairie Home Companion of which they are big fans, their west coast grandchildren, the penguins my mother-in-law is knitting for the Oregon grandkids now that she has knitted penguins for younger son, for me (delivered today, whoo!) and the L.A. grandkids, the football playoffs, The Da Vinci Code, geneaology, the Mayflower and Cirque du Soleil (we have the Beatles' Love, whoo! again, and I have the new Loreena McKennitt CD courtesy a friend to whom I offer big *hugs*). A good day, in other words, all in all, which nevertheless left a weird taste in my mouth that seems to have overridden even my gratitude for German chocolate cake and sweet potato pie. My big Thanksgiving list has not changed substantially since 2004, and is here, though this year I am also very grateful that a majority of Americans voted the way they did.

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vertigo66 (who is someone to whom I owe squee, not to mention comments) informed me that Best Buy has the fourth season of Smallville on sale Friday for $14.99! And they also have the March of the Penguins Game Boy game with a free stuffed penguin, which younger son does not even know exists so far as I know and would therefore make an ideal Chanukah present. But obtaining these means braving a store on the day after Thanksgiving. Is this madness even worth considering?