November 28th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, TrekToday has been down on and off for several days (I wasn't actually paying attention Thursday or Friday because of the holidays), and my editor tells me that it is now repaired so on Tuesday I can catch up on Trek news. On Monday I accomplished only one thing, but it was a big one: I finished tagging four years of poetry entries! It's still a work in progress -- I probably have some Canadians mixed up with the contemporary Americans, and I used terms like "mystical" and "metaphysical" rather loosely when it came to deciding where to put people like Donne. It's quite arbitrary who got their own tags -- modern US writers were far more likely to get them because I have so many post-1900 Americans, but I didn't give Marianne Moore one because I just don't love her enough, though I did give Rumi one even though I've only posted eight poems of his and could have put him in with the mystics. Probably on a later pass I will take Tennyson and Longfellow out of Victorian and early American respectively and give them their own tags, though I haven't posted my favorites of theirs because the poems are too long! Collapse )

My other big achievements of the day were four laundries and organizing my CDs after the Great CD Catastrophe Cleanup ("mine" being a little bitty subset of the total number of CDs in the house, though spouse's are organized too...just still too many for the house *g*). I didn't take notes on Heroes because I was being Led Astray, but the show rocked right up until the preview for next week, when we got one of those ominous Lost-trashy A HERO WILL DIE! warnings. It's not like heroes haven't died before...I assume we are supposed to believe it's a major cast member, but I'll believe it when I see it and given the number of people who've managed not to stay dead thus far, I'm not losing sleep. Collapse )

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LAST CALL! If you are on my friends list and want a holiday card, go here or send me an e-mail! No reciprocation necessary but I need a head count! And I know I owe my address to people; I lost the list of whom I'd already sent mine to, so you might get it twice. But if you need it, tell me that, too!