December 3rd, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We spent most of the day in Baltimore with my in-laws, first at the Maryland Science Center, which has a wonderful Norman Rockwell exhibit (a history of 20th century America, as Rockwell's career at The Saturday Evening Post spanned much of it). We had been to the Rockwell museum in Sturbridge, Massachusetts with my in-laws when they lived in Connecticut but rather than focusing on his oil paintings, this exhibit focused on the images themselves and how they translated into popular culture and reflected it. Then we walked through the kids' favorite exhibits at the museum -- mostly the kinetic and life science stuff this time rather than the dinosaurs -- and headed along the harbor to Harborplace for dinner at Capitol City Brewing Company, which we chose this time not for the food but the view: the big windows overlook the Inner Harbor, and we wanted good seats for the Festival of Lighted Boats which began at 6 p.m. right when we were finishing salmon and crab cakes:

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From 74 degrees on Friday to holiday lights on Saturday: weird. We got home just in time for the amazing end of the amazing UCLA-USC game. Whoo! Then we turned off Oklahoma-Nebraska, who are two of my three least favorite college teams -- I can't bring myself to root for either of them -- because public television was broadcasting the Celtic Woman New Journey concert, which pleased me since the CD won't even be out here till next month. Say what you will about the pop-Celtic pablum, they all have gorgeous voices and it was filmed in front of a castle in Ireland. Besides, public television then had a Grateful Dead concert from the '80s on with new interviews with the surviving band members, so we watched that too.

And speaking of penguins (see boat photo behind cut above), dementordelta sent us chocolate penguins! *pounces and humps her thigh snuggles her* I don't know who was more excited, me or younger son. I owe dementordelta so many squeeing, bouncing, adoring fangirl hugs that I shall declare it publicly here for all the world to see! And also hugs to celandineb, just because.