December 6th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Whenever I am really stressed out, I go looking for spiritually uplifting stuff, which today led me to this rather bizarre but interesting Esoteric Theological Seminary web site, which has imperfect yet compelling essays on Hebrew goddesses and some dialogue about Goddess creation myths and some of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail/Woman With the Alabaster Jar stuff on Mary Magdalene. This and Yahoo's Jewitchery group have been terrific this past week (while the Conservative movement is debating the gay rabbi issue, it is nice to get a reality check on the differing geographical, social, political and theological slants of the twelve tribes, who couldn't even agree on a single name for the One God).

In other news, I have found a way to have privacy at my computer! And am contemplating living on the moon, though I'll believe it when I see it and will undoubtedly be too old to consider it when it happens. (apaulled says next thing you know, we'll be putting our nuclear waste on the moon, and then bam, Space: 2099!) Plus I read that the tests to determine whether there was life on Mars might have been negative because of the iron, because those same tests say there is no life in a riverbed with lots of iron ore, so we need to go back to Mars ASAP and find some other way to test. Okay, yeah, this is a very esoteric entry so far, so have some holiday cheer:

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Evening entertainment was, needless to say, POTC: Dead Man's Chest, which apaulled got at Best Buy because they were giving out an extra DVD with more featurettes and photos...those movies are never, ever going to get old. We watched the bloopers, which were regrettably short but I'm still happy they were there, and found an Easter Egg about coconuts, but we haven't looked at the real features because we wanted to watch the movie. And then, it being Tuesday, we watched what looks to be the last new Boston Legal of the season -- the Christmas party episode. In which Denny and Alan very nearly have a row, Alan must defend white supremacists and Denny goes to court to try to stop a girl (who reminds me of a girl I know in real life) from killing herself via anorexia. Collapse )