December 10th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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My parents invited us to leave the kids with them tonight, so we did...took them for a walk in the afternoon at Locust Grove, when the temperatures had risen into the 40s which was as warm as it got today, then packed them up and dropped them off. Most of the animals were in hiding on the trails -- we only saw some birds and squirrels, no deer this time, but there was ice on the creek and the kids had a grand time trying to crack it with rocks from the opposite bank, plus the nature center was open (we're almost always there on a Sunday when it's not) and we got to see the snakes and frogs inside.

So we went out sans enfants to Herndon, Virginia, where we stopped in Crystalis (so I could look at crystals, Tarot decks and New Age books) and Phoenix Comics (so apaulled could give me an updated Chanukah wish list, though the most important aspect of this visit is that we discovered that there are now Pirates of the Mysterious Islands constructible game cards...our kids will be thrilled, since this set has submarines as well as sea monsters). Then we had dinner at A Taste of the World, where we ate once about six years ago and loved's still excellent, since there is a huge variety of food and everything's just a little different than everywhere else I've had it (hummus with a little bit of red pepper in it, chicken korma cooked thin on wooden skewers like satay but with spicy sauce, biryani that's not too spicy but very fragrant, lemon chicken in sauce involving sesame and caramel that tastes like nothing else I've ever had). Fabulous, and not at all expensive.

But our real reason for going to Herndon was that Maggie Sansone, Lisa Moscatiello, Rosie Shipley, Laura Byrne and Sharon Knowles were giving a Celtic holiday concert on hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, Irish flute and Scottish harp respectively at the Industrial Strength Theatre. We just saw Maggie, Lisa and Rosie a few weeks ago at the Chestertown Downrigging Weekend where the emphasis was on nautical it was mostly Christmas-themed, variations on very old carols and hymns, a lot of Highland music because Knowles is from Scotland and Sansone plays bagpipes and a lot of Irish music because Shipley and Byrne both have roots there. Lisa was fighting a cold and invited the audience to sing along on the familiar Hallelujahs and Glorias...many years of going to church on Christmas Eve with my in-laws means I know the words to most popular American carols and a decent number of British ones, so although I cannot sing, I can fake it. *g*

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We also stopped in a liquor store -- unlike Maryland, Virginia has lots of non-state regulated stores that are open late -- and found a bottle of blueberry wine, so if my typing is worse than usual, that's why!