December 17th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I will just come out and say this, in case anyone wants to unfriend me for being a dork or having bad taste: I thoroughly enjoyed Eragon. I readily admit that every single reason for this is a shallow one. It rips off every fantasy movie and book I have ever loved, a few I merely liked and even some I didn't like much at all, from The Sword in the Stone to Dragonheart with unhealthy amounts of The Dragonriders of Pern, The Earthsea Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars thrown in. It has scruffy Jeremy Irons as a good guy and sleazy John Malkovitch as a bad guy. It has a boy growing up to discover his inner gayness desire to be a hero that takes him away from potential female love interests. It has a wizard who looks like the love child of Wormtongue and Lucius Malfoy and acts like The Wicked Witch of the West, only without the broom. It even has Bavmorda's castle dungeons from Willow, which is really amusing because Willow is itself already derivative of every mythological fantasy source under the sun! Collapse )

Younger son's scheduled violin recital was cancelled at the last minute because of a flu outbreak at the nursing home where they were going to be playing...they might try to reschedule it next weekend, but we are going to my in-laws' Friday night and, given that we are already missing my cousin's Chanukah party, are not likely to reschedule for a one-hour performance. I think he would be more bummed out if he had not played a solo Friday in the school recital. Since our afternoon had opened up unexpectedly, we walked around the lake at the shopping center to Target so younger son could get headphones for the MP3 player he got for Chanukah (none of us are fans of ear buds), then walked back slowly since there were carolers and afterward a guy singing Beatles songs while someone else played keyboards in the central area with the fiberglass Christmas trees. By then we were all hungry, so we went out for Middle Eastern food, and since we were already halfway there, we drove through Gaithersburg to Seneca Creek State Park's Winter Lights festival:

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Our other activities for the day included going to Barnes & Noble so older son could use a gift card to get a set of The Simpsons on DVD, going to Circuit City to look for replacement styluses for younger son's Nintendo DS (with no success as the DS Lite uses a different stylus -- augh), going to Staples to get paper and various other school supplies, stopping for foodstuffs, etc. Then we came home and lit the menorahs for the second night of Chanukah -- apaulled gave me Courage & Patience & Grit, Great Big Sea live in concert on CD and DVD, and younger son got the Happy Feet soundtrack and I am under orders to rip both for his new MP3 player! So I had better go!