December 24th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Some anonymous person sent me mistletoe so that we can kiss under yourself so I can snog you! And discord26, thank you for my presents! Those and Taylor's of Harrogate tea from my in-laws were my last-day-of-Chanukah surprises, plus hubby got me a pair of with pirates and ships in the Mount Hope Carriage House Wine Shoppe and one with cats on it at a store along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The reason we were on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is that we went to A Dickens of a Christmas at Mount Hope Mansion on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, where several of the members of the summer troupe were playing Victorian characters instead of Elizabethan ones. I couldn't take photos with flash during the performances -- though I cheated and snatched one of apaulled's father onstage with Charles Dickens when he was seeking someone else to play Scrooge, I did not dare take one of my older son when he was dragged from his seat into the dancing in A Christmas Carol. But I took a couple during the mix and mingle at the start, and I managed one in the well-lit theatre using the bench in front of me as a tripod:

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On Sunday there is a big model train show somewhere in York, and of course father-in-law cannot resist such a temptation so we are going there. We might also go to the Boyds Bear factory in Gettysburg, though we may wait till Tuesday when they will still be having a sale but presumably there will be no last-minute holiday shoppers.