December 27th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Home, after leftovers for lunch and a final swing through Gettysburg -- both the battlefield and Boyd's Bear Country, which regrettably did not have the Wizard of Oz ornament set on post-holiday sale but they did have nearly every other ornament in the place, including two different varieties of penguins. The skies were overcast though the sun kept breaking through and the battlefields were muddy but traversible, and we walked up and down the hills and along the old stone farm fences.

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Home of course means piles of unpacking and laundry and replying to mail and trying desperately to get organized, at which so far I have had only limited success, though I have managed to download the Doctor Who Christmas special so am pleased about that. The cats are either happy to see us or happy to have empty luggage to sit in...well, actually right now Rosie is asleep on the couch she never sleeps on because apaulled left a warm spot there when he was flipping through the mail. Thank you hak42 for the poetry, and thanks to everyone who sent cards! Happy Kwanzaa!