December 29th, 2006

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Poem for Friday

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Spent most of the morning putting away laundry and rearranging a bookcase that desperately needed it -- we have too much stuff in this house -- while older son slept ridiculously late and younger son typed up the story he was making up yesterday about Cat Island, the kiwi, the phoenix and various other creatures. *g* In the afternoon I went to the post office, thinking it wouldn't be terrible since it's after Christmas and after lunch...wrong! It was mobbed! I waited for ages, and then I got lectured by the guy behind the counter for having realized too late that I couldn't use a Priority Mail address label on a package going to Germany and covering up the "Priority Mail" -- he made me go find a label on the rack across the post office despite the twenty people waiting in line behind me and waited for me to re-address and affix it. Graar. It's not like I wasn't mailing a pile of other things that did not have illicitly used Priority Mail stickers!

Stopped in the mall since it's right behind the post office because L'Occitane en Provence had their Ambre perfume on sale and was sold out at the web site...fortuitous for me since they did have it in the store and I did not have to pay shipping. Also grabbed two bottles of Bath & Body Works shower gel since they're $3 for the full-size ones this week. Poor older son was dragged with me on this expotition, though younger son had gone to a friend's house -- my reward for having bought the friend a Santa penguin at Boyd's Bear Country. We had dinner with my parents, where my mother gave me copies of a lot of her geneaology research...I had wanted to know where my grandparents were from, as that Davidic Dynasty stuff made me realize that there are lots of records online from Jewish geneaology sites and burial societies and I may actually be able to find out something about the relatives whom I had believed disappeared without a trace in the Holocaust. Tried to burn Doctor Who to a TV-watchable DVD, but I'm still having no luck converting .avis to .mpgs with the sound and video in sync.

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Ridiculous spiritual thought for the day: someone should write a book on children's wisdom and the Kabbalah called What's Da'at? Was pleased to see that Monk parrots are now in Brooklyn -- they were a highlight of living in Hyde Park in Chicago! And was amused to read about The Wii Workout, though my kids still need their time on their scooters and sports -- I think the video game endorphin reward system interferes with the exercise endorphin reward system and they must have the exercise for its own sake!