December 30th, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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Morning was laundry and fighting to recover a bunch of computer stuff, plus trying to keep my two kids and neighbor from killing one another over the lack of a second Wii nunchuck for boxing. Older son wanted to go see Eragon again, I was willing, younger son did not want to see it again, the timing of local shows wasn't great considering that we had evening plans, and I ended up taking them to Bagel City instead because we were out of good bagels which was all they wanted for lunch and we all agreed we needed good lox spread in the house as well. Then we stopped in both Best Buy and Circuit City to see if either one had Wii nunchucks in luck. Older son tried to convince me that we need one of the Wii retro controllers but since we don't actually have any retro games for the Wii, I remained unmoved. Now, can someone explain to me this Wii points system and do we have to have wireless internet to download those games and how do you pay for them?

apaulled's office closed at 3, so he came home early, and we drove downtown to the Kennedy Center where the awesome Al Petteway and Amy White were performing on the Millennium Stage, which is always free. They have a new CD, Winter Tidings, and they played both classic carols and original compositions from it on guitar, mandolin, harp, piano, bouzouki, dulcimer, banjo and assorted African and Native American drums. They also played a fabulous percussion piece on the guitars, striking the wood and strings instead of strumming. Al and Amy used to live in Takoma Park and work with a lot of the local folk performers (Maggie Sansone et al) but now they live near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Smoky Mountains, and they have gorgeous photos on their web site of the wildlife and scenery.

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Speaking of Harry Potter, I was looking for an interview Jason Isaacs gave to The Jewish Journal a couple of years ago for a friend, in which Jason said he's uncomfortable talking about his religious background in the UK press -- this came up because Daniel Radcliffe told an Australian interviewer that his mother is Jewish -- and came across another Jason interview which I had read before, but somehow the name of whom he was kissing had not hit me when the interviewer asked him who his favorite onscreen kiss was and he said, "They're all free kisses and for a man who has been in a relationship for 17 years -- they're marvellous! I love them all, even snogging Daniel Craig." Why couldn't I have seen that production of Angels In America!

I can't feel anything but that he richly deserved to die, but at the same time the news orgy over Saddam sickens me and I can't stand all the "we expect video and still pictures of the execution and the corpse soon" hype. Am trying to focus on happier news like the Terrapins beating Purdue easily in the Champs Sports Bowl, a 24-7 win for Maryland. But am getting up early to drive to Delaware for museum-hopping and hopefully a look at the Kalmar Nyckel docked in Wilmington, so I had better stop thinking about any of this and go to bed!