January 1st, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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Happy New Year! Our original plan for Sunday involved going to the Corcoran Gallery and National Geographic, but we were intimidated by reports of traffic all over DC as people went to see Gerald Ford lying in state, so we elected to avoid the District. Instead we spent the afternoon at Great Falls in Virginia, where the water was higher than the last time we were there and relatively few people were on the overlooks and hiking the trails to Matildaville, the ruins of the town along the old canal. Then in the late afternoon we went on an unsuccessful quest for an extra Wii nunchuck, which left me with a splitting headache (electronics stores, malls and mall parking lots the week between Christmas and New Year's are whatever the opposite of peace on earth, goodwill toward men would be).

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The weather held until late in the evening, cool and gorgeous, and we had Mexican food for dinner and then ice cream sundaes, chips and various junk while waiting up with kids for the ball to drop. Football seems endless at this time of year...I watched the Green Bay game on and off believing they had a chance of getting into the playoffs if they could beat Chicago, only to discover that the Giants victory had shut them out decisively and the game didn't mean anything, anyway. Now we have Dick Clark on...I like when some institutions don't change no matter the year!