January 2nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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After a quiet morning ("quiet" being relative, as in this sense it means "shouting repeatedly at children to clean their rooms"), we went to see Night at the Museum, which was kind of a compromise all around -- younger son wanted to see Happy Feet again, older son wanted to see Eragon again, I wanted to see Dreamgirls or The Queen, husband thought that if no one was dying to see any one film then we should save the money and not go to the movies -- and we all ended up loving it. It probably helped that the kids have been at the American Museum of Natural History with their cousins who live in New York, where we saw the starring dinosaur and many of the miniatures, though I don't recall seeing Teddy Roosevelt...I did take a photo of the whale that has a cameo, however. Not a particularly brilliant script but a uniformly excellent cast, great effects, good pacing and enough screechingly funny scenes to make the hokey parts worthwhile. And vertigo66, as so often happens when we go to this theater, we ran into your sister and her family!

Most of the rest of the day was catch-up end-of-vacation stuff: laundry, long phone conversation with mamadracula, making older son do the math homework he had conveniently forgotten about until the last evening of vacation, making younger son practice the violin he had conveniently ignored until evening, etc. I took many photos on Saturday and have fiddled with most of them at this point; was shooting directly into the noon sun at Fort Christina and the Kalmar Nyckel, couldn't use flash among the fossils at the natural history museum, and had all sorts of lighting issues at Longwood Gardens, but got a reasonable number of decent shots. Here are some of the pictures from the gardens, where there wouldn't have been anywhere to set up a tripod even if I'd bothered to carry one:

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Tuesday it's back to the usual insanity...full day of school plus Hebrew school for younger son. And I undoubtedly have lots of catch-up work to do on top of folding the laundry! Do I have the only child in the world who wakes up sobbing about what if Erin Hunter doesn't write any more Warrior Cat books?