January 4th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I could post about assorted silliness that went on today, like picking up my son's violin teacher's daughter who had missed her bus so my son didn't miss part of his violin lesson, admitting to a friend who wanted to know why I hadn't really said anything about Gerald Ford that when I hear that name, I immediately think of Airplane (Lloyd Bridges: "Your husband is alive, but unconscious..." Stephen Stucker: "...just like Gerald Ford."). Or I could post a brief rant about Creation conventions' autograph policy (why yes, I did have to cover the London con for TrekToday) or a very long rant about why no one should ever order anything from Caiman.com through Amazon.com's marketplace, because they are supposed to have things in stock and ready to ship when listed there but they lie and no amount of complaining to Amazon.com itself will get gifts delivered in time for the holidays.

But I have just realized that I never did the last-year/next-year meme, so here it is instead! Sequel to this post last year... Collapse ) And you all know I like decorated animal statues like Baltimore's crabs, Rehoboth's dolphins and the various other ones I've posted so here are Wilmington's dinosaurs...mostly from the waterfront shopping plaza where we had lunch with one from the Museum of Natural History!

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I see that Notre Dame is losing to LSU by a margin so enormous that there is no point in staying up for the end of the game, so I shall get to sleep at a reasonable hour!