January 5th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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There are little flowers coming up in my neighbor's yard. And bugs -- I took a walk on the path through the woods and there were gnats. Yahoo says it was 63° in the afternoon and will be tomorrow, too. My thermometer in the backyard, which never gets direct sunlight, said it was 61° at about 3 p.m. And there was not a cloud to be seen. Happy January!

I was having a political-free post last night because of my guilt about Gerald Ford and Airplane, but I forgot to mention my delight about Keith Ellison taking a ceremonial oath of office for the US Congress on Thomas Jefferson's Koran. I also never knew before that the Koran and the rest of Jefferson's books were acquired by the Library of Congress in 1815 when Jefferson sold his 6,400 volumes to replace the congressional library that the British destroyed when they burned Washington in the War of 1812.

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TV tonight was the movie Camp, about a bunch of kids at a musical theater summer camp like the ones I used to go to, that my brother-in-law recommended so highly that I am now wondering if he wanted me to call him saying "OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!" just so he could laugh at me, because it's about a bunch of theater geeks who get as ridiculed by people in the film as he ridicules Trekkies, people who paint their faces at football games and RenFaire patrons. It was really great fun, but the kids were more sophisticated than the kids I went to camp with in high school. In my day there was almost no actual sex, much more people talking hypothetically about what they would do when they had sex and we mostly assumed the people who claimed they had were lying anyway. But I would adore the film solely because it starts with the song "How Shall I See You Through My Tears" from the phenomenal Gospel at Colonus which I saw in college at Penn's Annenberg Center and have loved ever since.

We also watched "Requiem For Methuselah" which I need to review tomorrow so will gush on and on about it then. I guess Shark had an actor who wanted out of his contract, because they ended a hostage crisis, well acted and solidly written, with a gratuitous shootout. Ah well, I have discovered that Mary Beth Maziarz put out a new CD at the end of last year and ordered it so that shall be my entertainment soon! Plus I got the very pretty Manga Tarot as a belated birthday present, and it's very pretty Chinese shojo style art...someone is about to tell me this is not true manga, I'm sure, but I love the deck and I'm sticking with that!