January 6th, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I spent an unholy amount of Friday on the phone. Fortunately it was entirely with women I adore, though unfortunately, one of them was having a terrible week and the other one was trying to help me solve a problem with an overseas gift, so I doubt either one of them enjoyed the conversations as much as I did. But it's been forever since I had a two-hour phone conversation and I forgot how much fun it is just to talk about anything and everything.

I also reviewed "Requiem for Methuselah", a deeply nostalgic and profoundly happy experience that I have no intention of ruining by reading on the TrekBBS what an idiot the fanboys think I am. I wanted to find the section from Star Trek Lives! in which Lichtenberg, Marshak and Winston talked about how this episode epitomizes the love between Kirk and Spock, which required that I move a Barbie doll, a harlequin, most of the James Blish original series novelizations and newer Trek Pocket Books piled sideways on top of those to dig my ancient copy of Star Trek Lives! out. It's covered in clear contact paper to stop the spine from cracking and has four pages dog-eared from over twenty years ago -- the one with the "Requiem For Methuselah" discussion, the one at the beginning of the chapter on fan fiction, the one where Marshak starts talking about Ayn Rand's philosophy in comparison to Gene Roddenberry's, and the one where Nimoy reacts to being told that Spock swallows convulsively when Kirk is in danger, which in retrospect may be the first time an interviewer ever indirectly asked an actor about slash. *g* Collapse )

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As you can tell from that fridayfiver, we watched The Producers and then the making-of featurette HBO aired afterward. There wasn't nearly enough John Barrowman in the documentary, but Mel Brooks was delightful. My parents really don't like jokes about Hitler -- they say it's generational -- but I think turning Hitler into a stereotypical queeny caricature is in many ways a more effective way of coping with the horrors of Nazism as the deadly serious documentaries that I literally can't sit through...have never made it through either Schindler's List or Sophie's Choice without having to cover my face at some point either. Whereas I have watched To Be Or Not To Be and the original Producers countless times. If not letting people forget is the goal, there is definitely a place for ridiculing Hitler.

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Have to get up ridiculously early as both kids have testing for the county magnet programs -- middle school and high school respectively. Younger son is nervous about the tests and doesn't know whether he'd rather go to the math magnet, like older son, or the language arts program, or go with his friends to the local middle school. Older son had been leaning toward wanting to go to the local high school, but it's been all over the news the past two days with an eruption of gang violence, so now he has incentive to do well on the tests, though we are all rather unnerved!