January 10th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Had a lovely lunchtime with gblvr eating Lebanese food and shopping, around a day of screwing up a bunch of other stuff...hubby and I got confused which boy had to be where this evening, so we were very late picking up son #2 from Hebrew school because thought son #1 was taking the late bus for Shakespeare Club, and I handed him the wrong prescription to drop off at CVS so I am hoping I am not getting charged for an antibiotic I don't need and can get my Imitrex that I do need! Bet I have to have an argument with my insurance over this. Graar. Can't even fix first thing in the morning, as younger son has a very early orthodontist appointment and then must be taken to school.

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Spent all day burning Rome, though watched almost none of it; the only television I paid attention to was Boston Legal, back after a too-long absence with what was obviously meant to be the New Year's episode. Collapse )